The ARRL has recently been working with the Girl Scouts to develop a new patch offering. With JOTA right around the corner it is easy to overlook the rest of the youth organizations that are out there, and hungry for STEM opportunities.  The Girl Scouts do have National Thinking Day On The Air in the spring, but this is an additional program that would help bring awareness of the amateur radio hobby to the scouts.


Below is information from the central ARRL website regarding the program.


Radio and Wireless Technology Patch Program

Girl Scouts can learn fundamentals of radio communication and wireless technology and take action in their communities to apply communications to connect people, provide safety, and explore related careers.

  • Learn the fundamentals of wireless communication
  • Explore radio science through hands-on learning with Amateur Radio
  • Use radio communication to talk around the world and for public service and safety
  • Learn how wireless technology is used in everyday life and in careers

As part of this program, Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to learn about Amateur Radio (also known as “ham” radio) and do hands-on activities with Amateur Radio. They can also learn about broadcast radio, emergency and public service communications, and explore ways wireless technologies are used in everyday life and in the workplace.

They will be encouraged to take on activities that engage, educate, and empower them and kindle an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects and careers.

The program supports the Girl Scout Leadership Development Program by enabling the following goals for girls:

  • Discover— Explore the natural world to learn about radio communications and wireless technologies.
  • Connect — Use knowledge of wireless technology to understand its capabilities and its limitations. Be an informed citizen who understands how wireless technologies are regulated and used.
  • Take Action— Make a difference in their communities by making friends through radio contacts, providing public service and emergency communications, and raising awareness of career opportunities.

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