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New Youth Oriented Posters from the ARRL

The ARRL has put together a new series of PR posters for use.  These posters were created for the Boy Scouts of America's National Jamboree in August of 2017.  They are 11 x 17, and look great.  Please feel free to distribute them among your clubs!

Poster Collage2

Here's the link to the posters for download!


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SkyWarn Youth Net to Debut on EchoLink

-- From ARRL Website --

The SKYWARN Youth On the Air Net is on the air, encouraging young radio amateurs to get on the air and learn about the SKYWARN weather-spotting network and basic weather facts.

The SKYWARN Youth Net meets on most Southwest Missouri SKYWARN repeaters Sunday evenings at 7:30 PM CT and is open to all hams via EchoLink.

The net will first take check-ins from young hams aged 25 and younger. The net also will offer an opportunity for participation by unlicensed young people in ham radio households who may be interested in obtaining a ham ticket.

“As this net grows and evolves, we hope to create and present brief educational segments,” said George Sfair, KJ6TQ. “We invite all young hams, their families, and the Amateur Radio community in general to check into this net. Young hams are the future of this hobby, and we encourage them to get involved, to get out on the air and talk, and to invite their friends to become hams as well.”

The SKYWARN Youth Net is held on Missouri linked repeaters in Fordland/Springfield, 145.49 MHz (136.5 Hz tone); Joplin, 145.35 MHz (91.5 Hz tone); Walnut Grove, 147.33 MHz (162.2 Hz tone); Buffalo, 147.18 MHz (136.5 Hz tone), and Branson, 147.15 MHz (162.2 Hz tone), as well as on EchoLink node 291849 or NNWS-R. — Thanks to George Sfair, KJ6TQ


Mission: Assist in spreading the fun and excitement of the amateur radio hobby among the youth of Indiana. 

In the coming months I hope to highlight, through this blog, all of the successful Youth Radio programs that are going on throughout the state of Indiana. 

I hope to help spread the success of these programs and ideas to other areas of the state to help bring more youth into the hobby. 

I have a very deep history with the Boy Scouts of America and have been working to not only teach the Radio merit badge, but to also deliver the technician class and ultimately get scouts, scouters, and parents to pass the license exam.  I hope to make more resources easily available to help other hams carry out these training classes and ultimately help other youth groups to catch the fever for the hobby.

Look to this page often for updates on ways that you can help get youth involved!


73's de N9AWM

Girl Scouts Radio and Wireless Technology Program

The ARRL has recently been working with the Girl Scouts to develop a new patch offering. With JOTA right around the corner it is easy to overlook the rest of the youth organizations that are out there, and hungry for STEM opportunities.  The Girl Scouts do have National Thinking Day On The Air in the spring, but this is an additional program that would help bring awareness of the amateur radio hobby to the scouts.


Below is information from the central ARRL website regarding the program.


Radio and Wireless Technology Patch Program

Girl Scouts can learn fundamentals of radio communication and wireless technology and take action in their communities to apply communications to connect people, provide safety, and explore related careers.

  • Learn the fundamentals of wireless communication
  • Explore radio science through hands-on learning with Amateur Radio
  • Use radio communication to talk around the world and for public service and safety
  • Learn how wireless technology is used in everyday life and in careers

As part of this program, Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to learn about Amateur Radio (also known as “ham” radio) and do hands-on activities with Amateur Radio. They can also learn about broadcast radio, emergency and public service communications, and explore ways wireless technologies are used in everyday life and in the workplace.

They will be encouraged to take on activities that engage, educate, and empower them and kindle an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects and careers.

The program supports the Girl Scout Leadership Development Program by enabling the following goals for girls:

  • Discover— Explore the natural world to learn about radio communications and wireless technologies.
  • Connect — Use knowledge of wireless technology to understand its capabilities and its limitations. Be an informed citizen who understands how wireless technologies are regulated and used.
  • Take Action— Make a difference in their communities by making friends through radio contacts, providing public service and emergency communications, and raising awareness of career opportunities.

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