How is the ARRL organized?

By AK9R, 4 October, 2023

For purposes of managing ARRL programs across the country, the ARRL is divided into 71 administrative sections across the United States and its territories.  The ARRL membership in each section elects a Section Manager every 2 years.  The Section Manager is responsible for managing the ARRL Field Organization programs in their respective sections.  The Section Manager appoints coordinators or section staff to help manage the programs.

The ARRL is governed by an elected Board of Directors who oversee the operation of the ARRL and set policy for the ARRL. There are 15 ARRL divisions and the ARRL members in each one elect a Director and Vice Director every 3 years. Indiana Section is in Central Division. Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA is the Central Division Director and Brent Walls N9BA is the Central Division Vice Director.

Other sections in Central Division are Illinois and Wisconsin.